We are trial lawyers

Our team is known for prevailing when the odds are the longest and the stakes highest. We have the experience and vision to creatively outwit the opposition. Everything that we do is designed to persuade the tribunal.

Our success relies on our preparedness and tirelessness. When the day comes, there is no man on earth who knows your case better than us. Facts cannot be changed but arguments can be tailored. We are relentless in finding the best angle of attack or defence.

We excel before both courts and arbitral tribunals. No matter whether it is international arbitral tribunals, ICC, VIAC, SCC or domestic court: we feel at home. We represent clients on any matter, in any court, anywhere in the world.


We are aviation experts

Our lawyers have an in-depth and outstanding knowledge of the aviation industry including operational, regulatory and commercial matters. In the Hungarian legal market, no one has a better understanding of airport operations and the ground handling business than we do.

We have expertise in airport charges and airline consultation, as well as aviation security and safety regulation when faced with the high operational and regulatory compliance that is required of the aviation industry.

Your life jacket is under your seat, but you will never have to use it when you fly with us. Now sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the flight.

We are corporate lawyers

If you need an in-house legal team, we are here for you. We have the experience and the knowledge. We can offer a custom service from agile lawyers who are trained to deliver quick and efficient solutions to the changing demands of your business environment. Our success is measured by your success. We can put your legal matters in order and ensure that you devote your time to what really matters: doing business. No matter whether you seek assistance in public procurement, corporate governance, restructuring, financing, employment issues or commercial contract drafting.

We set standards in the way lawyers and clients work together.

We are employment advisors

We provide leading labour law services to our clients. We understand what being an employer to hundreds of employees means for a corporation. We are practical and straight-forward in addressing the most delicate of workplace challenges.

Labour issues can be painful. Our primary expertise is in making employment matters as equitable and as pain free as possible, in issues such as hiring, compliance, leave management, anti-harassment, 3rd party contractors, contract termination, disciplinary matters, trade unions, outsourcing and lay-offs. We offer expert advice on the challenges of managing labour costs and flexibility in the workforce.


We are construction law experts

Like Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders, construction projects can feel entirely colossal in scope. We have the expertise and strength in numbers to take any project, or any part thereof, from concept to completion (and beyond) with ease. We have a long-standing working relationship with construction law specialist Kemona Consulting Ltd. to provide the entire spectrum of services needed to get the job done. 

From the early phases – legal feasibility studies, expert analysis, permitting concept and schedules – to procedural due diligence of ongoing developments, right through to management of legislative processes, accelerated handover strategy and crisis management/action planning, we will be your Titans to carry the skies and heavens for you. Our expertise also covers drafting construction contracts, including FIDIC type agreements and, teaming up with Kemona, we provide construction management services including taking care the whole permitting process.