Our experience

A quick glimpse of our work to date:

Our dispute team has worked on hundreds of cases over the years. We have an exceptional track record handling deeply complex cases not only domestically, but also at international courts including Washington, Berlin, Zurich, and Vienna.

Arbitration highlights include representing:

  • the State of Hungary in an ICSID matter in Washington DC
  • a French multinational electric utility company in an ICSID matter in Berlin
  • a leading Belgian energy group in an ICC matter in Zurich
  • a major Luxembourgian investment and asset management company in an arbitration in Budapest
  • a global low-carbon emissions trader in a VIAC matter in Vienna
  • a Hungarian subsidiary of an Austrian bank in a UNCITRAL matter in Budapest

Litigation highlights include representing the following clients at the Metropolitan Court of Budapest:

  • a Hungarian subsidiary of an Austrian bank in a $100m value matter
  • a major bank in Hungary regarding bank guarantee issues
  • an oil and gas supermajor in a gas trading agreement dispute
  • a Hungarian electricity company in an energy trading dispute
  • a Russian state-owned company in lease disputes

Employment law is one of our firm’s main focuses and strengths. Our client background speaks volumes in this regard: we have the privilege of working with major players such as Budapest Airport and Danubius Hotels.

In addition to the daily labour law services we provide to our clients, including drafting labour law agreements/termination notices, we also have the following experience:

  • advised our clients through several HR reorganization projects and wage-related issues,
  • engaged in mass redundancy projects; later successfully defended these redundancies in court
  • acting as a permanent legal representative for many years on the employers’ side during consultations with workers’ council and trade unions
  • provided active legal support to employers during several strikes
  • legal support including permitting, tendering and contracting in connection with various airport infrastructure development projects (SkyCourt, Cargo City, Integrator facilities, airport hotel etc.)

Our experience focusses on major construction projects, mainly industrial. While airport projects form a major part of our work, we’ve also enjoyed working on the construction, expansion and development of industrial parks, chemical & pharmaceutical factories, as well as office parks and residential real estate.  Naturally therefore we have plenty of experience drafting construction (including FIDIC) contracts. The numbers below speak for themselves: 

  • several €multi-million logistics hall construction & development projects (Airport Hotel, TNT and DHL logistic halls, Cargo City) 
  • 5MW solar park 
  • €2.4m aircraft maintenance hangar construction project
  • €17m EU CEF supported infrastructure development  
  • €19m terminal development (passenger bridge, FIDIC contract)  
  • €20m, 14,000 m2 condominium construction – 200 flats in Székesfehérvár  
  • public procurement procedures for various settlements including nurseries, schools, retirement homes, public utility development, energy refurbishment, road construction and urban regeneration 
  • 208,000 m2 development of a new office, residential and commercial quarter at Budapest district 13 including high-rise buildings of 65/90m