Simple is nice, creative is smart. We love to show our clients that we are both.
That’s why we come to work everyday.
We are aviation experts

Our lawyers have an in-depth and outstanding knowledge of the aviation industry including operational, regulatory and commercial matters. In the Hungarian legal market no one has a better understanding of airport operations and the ground handling business than we have.

We have an expert understanding of airport charges and airline consultation, as well as aviation security and safety regulation, when faced with the high operational and regulatory compliance that is required of the aviation industry.

Your life jacket is under your seat, yet you will never have to use it when you fly with us. Now sit back, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight.

We are corporate lawyers

If you need an in-house legal team, we are here for you. We have the experience and the knowledge. We can offer a custom service from agile lawyers who are trained to deliver quick and efficient solutions to the changing demands of your business environment. Our success is measured by your success. We can put your legal matters in order and ensure that you devote your time to what really matters; doing business. No matter whether you seek assistance in public procurement, corporate governance, restructuring, financing, employment issues or commercial contract drafting.

We set standards in the way lawyers and clients work together.

We are employment advisors

We provide leading labour law services to our clients. We understand what being an employer to hundreds of employees means for a corporation. We are practical and straight-forward in addressing the most delicate of workplace challenges.

Labour issues can be painful. Our primary expertise is in making employment matters as equitable and as pain free as possible, in issues such as hiring, compliance, leave management, anti-harassment, 3rd party contractors, contract termination, disciplinary matters, trade unions, outsourcing and lay-offs. We offer expert advice in respect to the challenges of managing labour costs and flexibility in the workforce.

We are trial lawyers

Our team is known for prevailing when odds are longest and the stakes highest. We have the experience and vision to creatively outwit the opposition. Everything that we do is designed to persuade the tribunal.

Our success relies on our preparedness and tirelessness. When the day comes, there is no man on earth who knows your case better than us. Facts cannot be changed but arguments can be tailored. We are relentless in finding the best angle of attack or defence.

We excel before both courts and arbitral tribunals. No matter whether it is international arbitral tribunals, ICC, VIAC, SCC or domestic court: we feel at home. We represent clients on any matter, in any court, anywhere in the world.


is the engine of the team with boundless tenacity. His capacity and ability are legend: he can draft contracts at the same time as taking care of his four boys at home and (some say) during his sleep!
Csaba has many years of experience walking clients through various cases in his subtle yet delicate manner, making even the roughest of waters smooth sailing.

Csaba has gained an in-depth knowledge of aviation law as well as commercial and corporate law, as the lead legal advisor to Budapest Airport. Csaba is a proper troubleshooter and the best motivator when it comes to seeing through a project by solving the toughest of legal challenges.

is the creative mind of the team. We are quite confident that whatever dispute you bring to us, He will resolve it and with shameless precision. When he pleads your case, even the most complex legal issues will appear simple and straightforward.

Milan is the type of trial lawyer that you would want to have on your side in any dispute. He was made partner early in his career and has led the arbitration and litigation teams of three major international law firms (CMS, White & Case and Dentons) over the past 20 years. Milan has represented clients before the courts and at arbitral tribunals around the Globe.

He is a perfectionist in finding a simple, yet creative solution to your problem which is only surpassed by his obsession with finding the best coffee in town!

is our silent action-hero (although some might rather call him the terminator). We at the Firm can never quite understand how he sleeps at night, (if at all) having had the responsibility for large scale lay-offs, dealing with strikes as well as other highly sensitive, labour related cases involving a wide range of issues where emotions can run high. But whatever he has to do, and more importantly whenever he has to do what is required, he is always calm, cool and collected; in other words: he is the real professional.

So, there are no prizes for guessing that Peter is our employment lawyer. He has an un-paralleled track record in dealing with large corporations’ labour law issues of every description.

Besides law, Peter also excels in binge-watching grade-Z movies from all over the world. Many of us admire his attempts to break the Guinness world record for the longest marathon watching masterpieces, by moviemakers at the rock-bottom.

takes on those types of lawsuits that no-one else has the patience for. Her stubborn obsession with the smallest details – „irrelevant” to us, but the „winning tiny” to her – frightens us. She has over 10 years’ experience in driving the opposing counsels crazy and convincing judges to see the sense of her detailed logic.

She has vast experience in complex tax and commercial disputes. She is a real magician in keeping track on the massive documentary burdens of the most complex cases. Not to mention she sleeps on spreadsheets.

Don’t be fooled by her appearance: She looks innocent enough, but she’s a real Kill Bill type of character when she comes to the fore.

Before joining our Firm, Edit was a litigation associate with CMS, White & Case and Dentons.

is the man with his eye on the ball in regulatory and administrative matters. He used to work as a codifier of law and it determined his comprehensiveness forever. He is extremely experienced in aviation matters, but he is also the one who you would trust in administrative litigation. He never misses a trick and leaves no stone unturned.

Zsolt likes variety. To prove it, he runs various distances; sometimes 42.195 km and other times 42.196 km; one day he runs in heavy rain, the next in light rain. Regardless of the circumstances, he always goes the distance. His persistence is your life insurance when it comes to the blood draining disputes.

is a corporate lawyer with an impressive track record of experience in the aviation industry and beyond. Szandra joined the Firm as a young trainee but went through a real metamorphosis and soon became an assertive and confident attorney.

Szandra brings serious corporate experience and a zeal for very long transaction documents. In commercial and corporate matters, you can always rely on her; she’s a sharp cookie and has what it takes to secure your success.

She’s our Road Runner. It is a challenge just to keep up with her. Beep-beep and she’s ready. No matter what the complexity of the corporate matter is, Szandra solves and delivers results in the blink of an eye.

is our remarkable office manager. She runs the office as if it was a well-oiled machine and intuitively knows what our needs are, even before we’ve realized we need it ourselves. She steadfastly holds the office steering wheel. She is tough, demanding and calmly rules the chaos that gets created on busy days.

She denies having been a Sergeant-Major in her previous role, but the photo of her in her purse with the stars on her tunic and the piping on her trousers hasn’t gone unnoticed to us. With Éva on board, we all know we can sleep soundly in our beds at night.

is the rookie of the team. As a graduate fresh from the University, she naturally thinks that she can rule the stars. So, we keep quiet in order not to disturb her. We will report in a few months whether she has succeeded.